What is WealthStep for 401k?

The only 401k and direct-to-investor service with planning advice and Custom Portfolios

The great work of many Fiduciaries is lost. Fiduciaries might build a solid 401k plan, but many plan participants still under-save and invest inappropriately. The result is a lack of retirement readiness and/or HCE testing problems, both of which hurt morale, productivity and retention.

Converting the problem into an opportunity to help others

Enter WealthStep, The Advisory Group’s innovative 401k advice system. Groundbreaking, because it integrates and simplifies the obvious…

Online retirement planning guidance:

  • How much to save each pay period
  • How much is needed to retire
  • Risk tolerance assessment
  • Life-stage driven investment advice
  • Retirement spending advice

Online education:

  • Simple, entertaining & impactful
  • Pitfall avoidance through knowledge
  • Behavioral finance orientation
  • Social media reminders & learning nuggets

Best-of-breed investments:

  • Custom Target Date and Target Allocation funds
  • High diversification and low cost

No other 401k program integrates custom portfolios and specific retirement planning advice. Plus, you receive all expert support for fiduciaries and regular meetings to fulfill your fiduciary duties.

Not ready for retirement plan consulting + WealthStep online advice? Ask about WealthStep’s digital-only option.

WealthStep 401k: Simplifying and increasing the effectiveness of Fiduciary and Participant advice.

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