WealthStep: Guidance to get there

Are you on track?

Everyone wants financial independence, but few know how to achieve it or where to start. WealthStep provides AIM > SAVE > INVEST > SPEND advice customized to you and your goals… a simple and clear plan to help you get on and stay on track to becoming free of money worries.

  • AIM: How much $ you’ll need to stop working
  • SAVE: How much to save now to meet your goal
  • INVEST: Life stage investing, and your risk profile
  • SPEND: Without running out of $ during retirement

Financial flexibility is at your fingertips… and it doesn’t have to be complicated. WealthStep was built by experts with decades of experience, so that people who aren’t yet millionaires can get good help.

Three ways to access WealthStep:

1. WealthStep 401k/Retirement Plans – FREE Aim > Save > Invest > Spend advice, video/article education, optional portfolio management for plan participants. Plan sponsors/companies pay the fee. Are you a 401k fiduciary? Learn more and/or get a demo.

2. WealthStep Direct – Aim > Save > Invest > Spend advice & video/article education, plus portfolio management, for accounts outside of a retirement plan, with access to Advanced online advice, for a low, transparent fee (see FAQ). Optional financial planning projects with a human advisor available to WealthStep Direct “Plus” clients. Learn more or get started.

3. WealthStep Basic – FREE basic Aim > Save > Invest > Spend advice & video/article education, giving back to help the community.

WealthStep – Make smart financial decisions, confidently. Live a lower-stress, higher-fun, financially-fit life. Live life on your own terms, and spend more time on causes and doing things that are important to you. The world and your future-self will thank you.

For those using WealthStep Direct or for 401k’s, WealthStep’s investment process uses institutional-quality research and a process used by multi-billion-dollar investors, with highly diversified, low cost, tax-efficient portfolios designed for your different stages of life and risk tolerance.

Review the FAQ and blog for interesting additional insight and information. Get tips and reminders about how to stay on track via email, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube etc. Get started… join the WealthStep movement.

WealthStep… Simplifying the steps towards financial independence