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WealthStep = Free, easy Aim>Save>Invest>Spend advice built by experts. Sign-up to see if you are on track for financial independence… and what to do next.

If your employer offers WealthStep, ask your HR group for an invitation email, to be sure you have access to the Advanced advice module.

Make better retirement planning decisions:

  • Investments – What portfolio you should be using now
  • Retirement goal – How much $ you need to start retirement
  • Savings rate – How much to save now to achieve that “nest egg”
  • Spending rate – How to not run out of money in retirement

Three ways to access WealthStep advice:

1. WealthStep 401k/Retirement Plans – FREE Aim > Save > Invest > Spend online advice, video/article education, optional portfolio management for plan participants. Plan sponsors/companies pay the fee. If your employer doesn’t offer WealthStep, tell them about it!

2. WealthStep Direct – Aim > Save > Invest > Spend online advice & video/article education, plus portfolio management, for accounts outside of a retirement plan, and access to Advanced online advice, all for a low, transparent fee (see FAQ). Optional financial planning projects with a human advisor available to “WealthStep Plus” clients. Learn more. Want WealthStep Direct? Get Started

3. WealthStep Basic (Free version) – FREE basic Aim > Save > Invest > Spend online advice & video/article education. This is WealthStep’s way of giving back to help the community.


WealthStep was designed by experts to solve a common problem… most people want financial independence but don’t know how much to save or when, or how to invest or adjust investments over time to fit their life stage.  To improve the world’s financial fitness, WealthStep applies decades of experience to make success simpler.

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