How to Select a Financial Advisor

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Who should consider using a human financial planner?

Who should consider using a human financial planner?
WealthStep is a powerful Aim>Save>Invest planning tool. However, all online tools have their limitations, and some people may be best served by also working with a qualified, conflict-free professional financial planner. For example, it may not be best to use only WealthStep if you have a complex financial situation. Or, some people like to use WealthStep for basic planning and scenario testing, but only feel comfortable making big and/or complex decisions with the help of a human expert.
For those that may want to explore professional financial advice, WealthStep created a guide called “How to find the right financial advice fit.” This guide will help you understand what financial planning is, what type of provider might be best for you, what questions to ask, and how to find a qualified financial planner.

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