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WealthStep guides you through the keys to financial independence


Focused on what matters

Use WealthStep’s tested Aim>Save>Invest>Spend process to accomplish your goals

The best of both worlds

An automated planning & investment advice service focused on goals, action and patience


Guidance and learning

Clear advice, action reminders, learning videos and more. Basic version is free.


WealthStep is for you if you:

  •  Need help knowing how much to save and how to invest
  • Want to feel in control rather than intimidated by money
  • Know you can be successful with good guidance
  • Value advice driven by experts + algorithms
  • Like proactive reminders and video tips

The basic version is free, as part of our global financial literacy effort.

If you prefer to also have human advice, learn about options.

If you’re a 401k/retirement plan fiduciary, click here.



Know how much to save


Actionable goal clarity


Smart prioritized decisions


Life-stage & tax-smart investing


Free or low-cost options, no hidden fees


More relaxed with goals on track




Why WealthStep – Because great fiduciaries care

A double-bottom-line service for companies that care. WealthStep isn’t just for individuals. Companies that provide WealthStep as a retirement readiness benefit improve morale, productivity, loyalty, retention, savings rates and life outcomes. Improve your people’s numbers, and watch company numbers improve too.

WealthStep gives back

For each new user, WealthStep will donate time and/or $ to financial literacy education for kids and parents in underprivileged & other areas.

Want a presentation at your school? Join the waitlistWant a retirement preparation presentation at your company? Contact us.

The truth you need to know

0 % Most aren't on track to retire, especially when factoring in health care costs

0 % Many don't even know they're not on track to retire

0 % Emotional investing can harm results yearly

$ 0 Is the 2020 average pre-tax monthly Social Security payment enough?

Learn more about these statistics

How ready are you?

Get a rough estimate of how much $ you need for financial freedom.

If you save this much by age 65: $ You might be able to spend this monthly in retirement: $1,667

See WealthStep’s Planning/Saving Advice for more refined calculations. Learn about the “4% rule” estimation used above, which is also before taxes and excludes Social Security.