Quarterly Thoughts – Q3 2007

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A process for best-thinking. WealthStep’s purpose is to positively impact lives and the goal achievement of our Clients, with a special focus on people who can’t access or don’t yet want a full-service advisor. To keep our clients’ lives simpler, we conduct a broad set of investment research and monitoring “under the hood” on your behalf. Just to name a few elements of our process, we oversee your accounts, monitor custodian banks where your assets reside to ensure proper processing, read and conduct research, attend and contribute to industry conferences, stay current with regulatory issues, conduct on-site, in-office and phone interviews around the country with investment managers as part of the due-diligence process, and negotiate with providers on your behalf. Additionally, our team of professionals meets regularly in the form of a “Client Policy Review Committee” and an “Investment Committee” to develop and ensure each client receives the benefit of our collective “best thinking.”