How we’re thinking about coronavirus

How we’re thinking about coronavirus

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The public’s concern about coronavirus (COVID-19) is increasing. As is often the case, concerns are frequently magnified by what’s called “negativity bias,” an evolutionary mechanism in the brain to minimize risk. More often than not, people over-react to potential risks. But sometimes the reaction is warranted. Regarding coronavirus, it is too soon to tell how justified these worries are, and the appropriate level of concern at any point in time…

2020 IRS contribution limit updates means you can save more in your retirement plan

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You can now save more in your retirement plan! See below for 2020 IRS contribution limit updates, and click the link for IRA account and other updates. 401(k), 403(b), 457 Plan deferral Limit: 2019: $19,000, 2020: $19,500, “Catch-up” Contribution >age 50: 2019: $6,000, 2020: $6,500 Defined Contribution Total Dollar Limit: 2019: $56,000, 2020: $57,000 Highly Compensated Employee definition: 2019: $125,000, 2020: $130,000 Click here for full IRS announcement of 2020…

Make yourself and future generations of retirement savers into “super savers”

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April was Financial Literacy Month, which led to a flurry of articles about the retirement crisis in the U.S. One piece noted that the “average” retirement savings amount, paltry though it is, is often an overstated figure because it is the average (i.e. mean) rather than the mid-point (i.e. median) and therefore overstates the “average” savings level. It indicated that although the “average American” has about $200,000 in retirement savings, the median…

Lessons from a flat tire – how to handle stock market volatility

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Is recent market volatility making you nervous? Perspective could help you stay calm and on track. Your financial journey is a lot like a car trip. On your route from point A to point B, while driving wisely, it is normal to experience stoplights, curvy roads, bad weather, or other elements that slow you down. A few times in your life, you might hit a pothole or nail that causes…

Current market volatility is an investor test, not a market test

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After years of unusually low market volatility that hypnotized a large swath of investors into believing yet again that markets only rise, the market drops of the last 2 days are a healthy reminder that stock market fluctuations should be viewed as a normal part of investing. Don’t forget, as is the case with food, good nutrition isn’t always tasty, but is beneficial in the long run. Eat your Brussels sprouts! As disciplined institutional investor Warren Buffet wisely said a while back, “The stock market is a device to transfer wealth from the impatient to the patient.” So, the real question is… do you want to be in the panic (impatient) group? Or the profit (patient) group?

Article library & oldies but goodies

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News articles to help you make better financial decisions. Topics include investor behavior, smart financial choices, investor pitfalls to avoid, and other topics.

Maybe spend more $ in early years of retirement

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Good news… you may be able to spend more in the early years of retirement than you thought. Smart in-retirement spending approaches were always critical to not running out of money have always been important, but new studies on longevity and spending patterns of those in retirement shed new light on the subject. You spend most of your life saving for retirement, so making sure the money is spent wisely…

Take action now to reduce the risk of identify theft

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If you are reading this (or even if you are not!), it is likely that you were one of the 145 million Americans whose information was exposed in the Equifax data breach earlier this fall (announced by Equifax in September of 2017), given that 145 million represents a high percentage of all adults in the U.S.. Now that the dust has settled, if you have not already done so, consider…