Are you saving enough? Up to the new retirement plan limits?

Are you saving enough? Up to the new retirement plan limits?

5 months ago 314

Did you increase your savings rate a few months ago when the IRS increased retirement plan savings limits? If not, now is still a great time to do so. In most years, the IRS increases the limit for what individuals can contribute to their retirement plans. If that change slips past you, and/or you forget to increase your savings rate, you lose an opportunity to save more on a tax-advantaged basis….

Recessions and your financial plan

10 months ago 217

The threat of a recession continues to be one of the most pressing concerns for investors. Inflation has proved hard to restrain, and the Federal Reserve continues to raise interest rates. Disagreement on recession likelihood Whether the U.S. will fall into a recession is still uncertain, and a subject of debate amongst experts. According to a recent UCLA Anderson Forecast, the U.S. is not currently in a recession, and the chance…

Q3 2022 Quarterly Context Webinar

11 months ago 272

Inflation is still hot but with signs of improvement, Ukraine is still at war and affecting energy and food prices, talk of a recession is heating up, both stock and bond markets continue to test investor discipline, is it better for the Fed to pull the Band-Aid off quickly or slowly? How long do bear markets typically last? That and more in the 2022 3rd quarter Quarterly Context Webinar!

Insurance during your midlife gap year: make sure your career break is fully protected

11 months ago 259

You’re embracing the idea of a midlife gap year. You’re picturing the landscapes, culture, and bucket list experiences in your mind. But unattended business is holding you back from peak excitement. You need proper insurance in case something goes wrong. When you’re taking a career break it’s tempting to ignore that responsible voice in your head. But if you do, this thrilling chapter of your life will be written with unnecessary…

What to do in a volatile market: Should I sell my stock?

1 year ago 290

The stock market has been anything but stable recently. And unsurprisingly, that usually means our emotions haven’t been either. Financial freedom is tied to market performance, and when you start hearing about “down markets” or “recessions,” one question tends to come up in our nervous brains… Should I sell my stock? At its face it seems like a reasonable question. Afterall, if the market is headed for a prolonged downturn,…

What California homeowners need to know about Proposition 19

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On election day, the narrow passage of Proposition 19 in California brought good news for some homeowners.  The new law allows homeowners who are over 55, or disabled, or victims of wildfires or other disasters to transfer the tax base of their primary residence to a replacement residence.  This expands on the current law which allows homeowners over 55 to retain their tax base within their own county or some reciprocal counties,…

Inflation’s effect on 2021 retirement contribution limits

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The IRS released the dollar limits for 2021 qualified retirement plan contributions.  For 2021, employees’ and owners’ ability to defer compensation and invest for their future remains about the same as 2020. Because of low inflation, most of the common contribution levels were left unchanged, with defined contribution total dollar amounts (from employee and employer contributions combined) increasing by only $1,000. Although individual contribution levels have not increased, super savers ,who focus…

Volatility, Optimism, and Q1 Market Details

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There’s no question we’re all living in unsettled times. Global citizens and the world economy are under stress, and uncertainty is heightened in all aspects of our lives. People are worried about their health, and that of family, friends, neighbors. Some have temporarily or permanently lost jobs or taken a hit to their income. Leaders of many companies are forced to make difficult decisions. Social distancing is impacting the human…