Lessons from a flat tire – how to handle stock market volatility

Lessons from a flat tire – how to handle stock market volatility

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Is recent market volatility making you nervous? Perspective could help you stay calm and on track. Your financial journey is a lot like a car trip. On your route from point A to point B, while driving wisely, it is normal to experience stoplights, curvy roads, bad weather, or other elements that slow you down. A few times in your life, you might hit a pothole or nail that causes…

Article library & oldies but goodies

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News articles to help you make better financial decisions. Topics include investor behavior, smart financial choices, investor pitfalls to avoid, and other topics.

Take action now to reduce the risk of identify theft

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If you are reading this (or even if you are not!), it is likely that you were one of the 145 million Americans whose information was exposed in the Equifax data breach earlier this fall (announced by Equifax in September of 2017), given that 145 million represents a high percentage of all adults in the U.S.. Now that the dust has settled, if you have not already done so, consider…

Q4-2016 Quarterly Context Webinar

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Do gambling and investing have different odds? Are political parties or Fed rates a bigger driver of markets? Listen-in for that and other insight.

Wait a minute… the new “Fiduciary Rule” is supposed to make all financial advisors put their clients’ best interests first, but has exceptions?

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A few weeks ago, the Department of Labor finalized the new “Fiduciary Rule.” In concept it helps protect investors from abuse, but it has big gaps, through exceptions. Unfortunately the gaps are not easy to find, but could negate much of the intent of the new rule. As context, most people aren’t aware that investment advice companies fall into two groups: 1) A big group of companies, enormous and tiny,…