Q1 2024 Quarterly Context Video

Q1 2024 Quarterly Context Video

1 month ago 172

Is there still a chance of a recession? Inflation has small a surprise uptick, Fed interest rates remained unchanged, causing bond to wobble since investors were hoping rates would fall. Stock markets, especially many of the biggest stocks performed well yet again. However, some mega-cap stocks cooled, it wouldn’t be surprising if more volatility were on the horizon. That and more, plus a general key retirement planning review and more…

What the evolution of wealth management means for Generation X and retirement

2 months ago 284

A recent financial literacy study from Investopedia shows Generation X (or Gen X) is invested in—and concerned about—retirement. Currently between 44 and 59 years old in 2024, Gen Xers recognize that it’s time to get serious about retirement savings.  The study showed the top 3 worries for Gen Xers are retirement (21%), followed by saving money (13%) and digital currency (13%). The recent climate of inflation, rising cost of living…

To lower your tax bill, avoid these 9 common tax-planning mistakes

3 months ago 58

If you think your tax bill is too high, you’re not alone. Two-thirds of Americans feel like they spend too much on federal taxes—and that’s before tacking on property or state taxes. What if you could avoid some of the pains of tax season? From tax-deferred investing to charitable deductions and income deferrals, Americans have a wealth of options to lower their tax burdens. Whether you’re not getting the most…

Mastering longevity: Financial planning strategies for your health and your wealth

4 months ago 63

The so-called “sandwich generation” is squished between their aging parents and adult children, like a piece of lettuce. That’s how some are now referring to Gen Xers (born roughly between 1965 and 1980). Between work demands, running a home, and responsibilities to both your parents and your children, midlife is often a time of “peak busyness”.  The upside of this stressful time is, it often serves as motivation. The weight…

Q4 2023 Quarterly Context Video

4 months ago 431

Stock and bond markets came out better than expected in 2023 despite rate hikes, wars and collapsed banks, the chance of recession is dropping but still exists, markets may be more tepid in 2024, bonds got a boost at the end of the year. That plus a general key retirement planning review and more in this quarter’s Quarterly Context webinar …Watch to stay relaxed by staying informed, and remain current…

Q3 2023 Quarterly Context Video

7 months ago 436

Fed rate hikes were expected but now paused, markets have been bumpy, a bond boost is on the horizon when rates drop. Some say the chance of a recession is going down, and too many people still use low-rate cash vehicles. That and more, plus our regular smart retirement planning advise in this quarter’s Quarterly Context webinar.  

Q1 2023 Quarterly Context Video

1 year ago 402

Inflation is coming down, but stubbornly. Economists see the chance of some level of recession increasing, could that be a good thing? Low unemployment and low consumer confidence don’t usually happen at the same time, but inflation dynamics partly explain why. Cash and crypto showed unusual risks at different ends of the risk spectrum, who’s to blame? That and more in this quarter’s Quarterly Context webinar …Watch to stay relaxed…

Q4 2022 Quarterly Context Video

1 year ago 394

The 4th quarter of 2022 was a difficult year for stocks and bonds, but there are several silver linings. What might be next for rates and inflation? What do economists say about whether there will be a recession or not? What are updated expected 10-year returns for stocks and bonds? (hint: there’s good news). How is the crypto currency crash similar to the Dutch tulip craze of the 1600’s, and…