Q4-2018 Quarterly Context Webinar

Q4-2018 Quarterly Context Webinar

5 months ago 0 346

Why is the stock market cooling? Why and how many investors fail to do what disciplined/experienced investors do. People are still feeling confident about the future, but less so. Is your debt shrinking as a % of your income like the average person? How many times did the market drop 10% or more in the last 10 years? How common are market drops of -5%, -10%, -15% and -20%? Stock…

Q2-2018 Quarterly Context Webinar

11 months ago 0 264

How new behavioral research can relate to financial behavior (e.g. bad soccer goalie decisions – a nod to recent world cup!, teams fire coaches too fast, the “IKEA effect” and how you place higher value on things you make yourself), how unconscious perception biases about aging cause people to under- or over-save, wages are up… but barely vs. inflation, interest rates are on the way up and imply certain risk…

Q1-2018 Quarterly Context Webinar

1 year ago 0 147

Market volatility returns, markets often have long rises and “flat” spots, a periodic table of returns using sectors, discipline is key: missing out on the best 30 market days over the last 50 years would have led to a 40% lower return, research indicates a big gap between savings goals and actually savings patterns, higher savings might lengthen your life, and more.  

Q4-2017 Quarterly Context Webinar

1 year ago 0 361

What happened before markets started cooling in February? The bitcoin bubble… looks just like other bubbles. A new periodic table of returns design. Projected 10-year returns and risk. A visual of 229 years of returns, in return buckets. That and more in the Q417 Quarterly Context video.

Q3-2017 Quarterly Context Webinar

1 year ago 0 259

Are market cycles growing longer? Do stock markets normally slow down after stocks reach highs? What does a bad year with bonds look like? See this Quarterly Context video for more.

Q2-2017 Quarterly Context Webinar

1 year ago 0 495

Are market overheated? What does rising and late credit debt imply? Do advisors add value? See our Q2 Context video:

Q1-2017 Quarterly Context Webinar

2 years ago 0 531

What led to the positive returns in Q1? Should you expect an increase in market volatility? How much value does regular rebalancing add? View the Q1 Quarterly Context webinar recording for more insight.