Wealth and happiness – the surprising factor that can increase well-being

Wealth and happiness – the surprising factor that can increase well-being

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Does money buy happiness?  Wealth and happiness are often paired together.  As you earn more income, invest more into the market, or reduce your debt, you likely feel more life satisfaction. This seems obvious, and many studies* prove this to be correct.  However, in a study conducted by researchers from UC, Riverside, a surprising factor emerged about how you can improve your overall feeling of well-being:  the amount of cash you have…

Create your own Blue Dot to experience Blue Zone benefits

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  What if you had the recipe of life choices that could help you live longer, healthier, and happier? That is exactly what studies show happens in “Blue Zones,” parts of the world with unusually high numbers of happy centenarians. If you don’t live in a Blue Zone, you do not have to move.  You can strive to create your own Blue Dot right where you are.  Read on for some of…

Why rebalancing your portfolio in the midst of crisis is essential for long term success

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In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, the term rebalancing now extends past investment portfolios as we all rebalance our lives around staying at home, creatively social distancing, and protecting our health. It is a rebalancing act that people did not anticipate; we’re all learning lessons that will linger on once this crisis is behind us. The rebalancing that WealthStep does for 401k plans and “WealthStep Direct” individual clients, however, is…

Video: How to understand and handle market volatility related to the coronavirus

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Gain perspective about the confluence of events affecting the markets, including the coronavirus. What are the drivers of current volatility? Where do markets and diversified portfolios stand now? How does this market compare to the many volatile markets in the past? See how bad markets have strong recoveries. See why panic is not an investment strategy. See how an even bigger drop would still leave investors with solid medium-term average…

6 work from home tips we’ve learned so far

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With the shelter in place in effect in Northern California since last Tuesday, and more places to come soon, many of having had to shift from going to the office to working from home. WealthStep is well set up to operate as a virtual office, and should not experience any interruptions. Here are a few remote tips we hope will help you. Make your life easier Upgrade your Internet service: Now…

Markets react to coronavirus: how to weather the challenges ahead

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It’s been a difficult week and a half for investors, as the uncertain trajectory of COVID-19 upset people’s sense of well-being, public health systems and the financial markets. Coronavirus and its economic fallout, coupled with the Saudi/Russia oil tension, have created a unique mix of anxiety that makes markets particularly volatile. No one can predict what will happen over the short term, but we have confidence, based on past experience,…

How we’re thinking about coronavirus

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The public’s concern about coronavirus (COVID-19) is increasing. As is often the case, concerns are frequently magnified by what’s called “negativity bias,” an evolutionary mechanism in the brain to minimize risk. More often than not, people over-react to potential risks. But sometimes the reaction is warranted. Regarding coronavirus, it is too soon to tell how justified these worries are, and the appropriate level of concern at any point in time…

Longevity’s ripple effect: Why Gen X cannot count on inheritances for their retirement

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As if Gen X (now age 40 – 55) didn’t have enough to think about in midlife, they also need to be careful about including any expected inheritance in their retirement planning.  While there is much talk about a great transfer of wealth in America in the coming 25 years, with estimates anywhere from $30 – $65 Trillion, this estimate and its timing is by no means a sure thing….