But why bother with a Bun?

But why bother with a Bun?

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Some time back, a fast food chain ran an advertising campaign featuring a study group of meat and cheese lovers.  In the ad, the facilitator explains company’s new burger, and one of the test attendees indicates that he’d rather only have the tastiest part of the meal when he answers “I like the meat and cheese part, but why a bun?” Investors also sometimes ask themselves “Why the bun?”, however the question…

Q1-2017 Quarterly Context Webinar

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What led to the positive returns in Q1? Should you expect an increase in market volatility? How much value does regular rebalancing add? View the Q1 Quarterly Context webinar recording for more insight.

What is the right path to get there?

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After 8 years of positive market returns and increased uncertainty in politics, should you be more worried about market fluctuation risk? Is it “different this time” and should you be more conservative as an investor? It is common to feel nervous and have questions questions at this point in a market cycle and when the Oval Office has changed hands. It may make sense to make a change if you…

Q4-2016 Quarterly Context Webinar

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Do gambling and investing have different odds? Are political parties or Fed rates a bigger driver of markets? Listen-in for that and other insight.

Want to improve your returns? Keep your finger off the button.

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It’s a new year and president, and with that comes uncertainty and many opinions about the direction of the investment markets. What’s key to remember is that uncertainty is nothing new. Studies suggest that despite major political and economic events that can impact returns in unpredictable ways in the short-run, it’s better to keep stay away from the panic button if you want better long-term results. A recently updated Dalbar,…

What do the new annual savings limits mean for you?

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Below are the IRS updates for 2017, which are similar to 2016 due to low inflation. Read on for special opportunities to save more… 401(k), 403(b), 457 Plan deferral Limit: 2016: $18,000, 2017: $18,000 “Catch-up” Contribution >age 50: 2016: $6,000, 2017: $6,000 Defined Contribution Plan Total Dollar Limit: 2016: $53,000, 2017: $54,000 Highly Compensated Employee definition: 2016: $120,000, 2017: $120,000 Click here for full IRS announcement of 2017 limits Some…