Q3 2022 Quarterly Context Webinar

Q3 2022 Quarterly Context Webinar

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Inflation is still hot but with signs of improvement, Ukraine is still at war and affecting energy and food prices, talk of a recession is heating up, both stock and bond markets continue to test investor discipline, is it better for the Fed to pull the Band-Aid off quickly or slowly? How long do bear markets typically last? That and more in the 2022 3rd quarter Quarterly Context Webinar!

What to do in a volatile market: Should I sell my stock?

1 year ago 394

The stock market has been anything but stable recently. And unsurprisingly, that usually means our emotions haven’t been either. Financial freedom is tied to market performance, and when you start hearing about “down markets” or “recessions,” one question tends to come up in our nervous brains… Should I sell my stock? At its face it seems like a reasonable question. Afterall, if the market is headed for a prolonged downturn,…

The Gen X dilemma (part 1): how do you financially prepare and launch your children?

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Gen Xers are caught in quite the pickle. You’re sandwiched between your aging parents and restless teenagers, and feel the financial pressure from both sides. You want to help, but feel uncertain of where to start. So what do you do? In this article, we’re going to focus on how to prepare and launch your children. More specifically, we’ll zero in on how you can help them find their financial…